GIS Services

Our GIS team at Velosys has deep experience building solutions for our clients in the U.S. Navy, Marine Corp, and regional power utilities, including:

  • ArcGIS & GIS Application Development
  • GIS Geodatabase Migrations
  • Spatial Data Migration and Standardization
  • GIS to CAD/CAD to GIS Conversion
  • 3D Inventory Visualization & Asset Management Solutions
  • AutoCAD 3D
  • and Custom Map Production, Graphics and Data Visualization services

Read about our Geospatial Support Services.

GIS Health Check

Performing a comprehensive system-wide GIS health check will yield insights into issues at the data repository, GIS Server, and Web Mapping Application levels, and helps to ensure continuous optimal performance, which is good for your bottom line.

We use industry-proven technology from Esri to perform a comprehensive GIS Systems Health Check on your organization-wide GIS system. We then examine and evaluate your systems and report our detailed findings on each level along with recommendations to fix any discovered issues.

//Key Benefits

  • Immediate, cost-effective insight into how your organization’s GIS System is performing.
  • A comprehensive “Findings Report” that details any found issues along with recommendations on how to address those issues.
  • An understanding of how efficiently your GIS System is meeting your existing customer demands.
  • Stakeholders can use the results from the GIS System Health Check to plan out future GIS Systems infrastructure capacity expansion to meet future customer demands.
  • Ownership of all developed automated performance testing and diagnostics scripts that can be re-run by the organization at a later date.

Download the pdf: Velosys GIS Health Check

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